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Aldi advertisements are banned after Tesco complaint

By Josie Clarke

Adverts claiming that shoppers can save by switching to Aldi have been banned for a second time after Tesco complained that the discounter's price comparisons were flawed.

The television and press adverts for Aldi's 'Swap & Save' campaign featured four shoppers talking about their experience of swapping from their usual supermarket to Aldi, with one saying: "We've saved so much on our weekly shop."

The discount supermarket -whose co-founder Karl Abrecht died earlier this year - has yet to open any stores in Northern Ireland.

On-screen text said 84 out of 98 people saved between September 16 and December 1 last year after shopping at their usual supermarket for four weeks and then Aldi for the same period.

It noted that non-grocery and high-ticket items which did not form part of a typical weekly shop were excluded. But Tesco complained that the comparison was misleading because it believed the eight-week comparison period was out of date and invalid for a price sensitive market.

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