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Almost 30,000 workers in Northern Ireland struggle to get full-time work

By John Mulgrew

Almost 30,000 part-time workers in Northern Ireland are unable to secure full-time employment, it has been revealed. Figures for July to September this year appear to show the shocking number of workers on casual and part-time work.

The information was revealed after a written question to the Finance Minister Simon Hamilton by Sinn Fein MLA Phil Flanagan.

Mr Flanagan said the lack of sufficient hours and job security among tens of thousands in Northern Ireland prompted increased fears of those employed still living in poverty.

"If you look at the situation elsewhere, there are jobs being created - but many of those are casual work, and includes people on zero-hour contracts" he said.

The latest figures for October showed a drop of 100 in Northern Ireland's dole queues - with 52,100 claimants.

It was the 22nd consecutive month that the claimant count had fallen.

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