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Amazon in fresh row over taxes

By Roger Baird

Online retail giant Amazon has fuelled further anger over its tax bill as it emerged the group's UK business paid just £11.9m in tax last year, despite the group taking £5.3bn in sales from British shoppers.

The firm, which employs more than 7,700 people in the UK, saw sales in this country rise 14% last year, according to filings in Companies House.

But its subsidiary recorded a profit of just £34.4m, and so paid tax of £11.9m.

Amazon's UK sales, which represent 9.4% of its global turnover, are taken through the group's Luxembourg arm, called Amazon EU Sarl.

Sales from many countries within Europe are booked at its Luxembourg business, and are not taxed in the country where the shopper carried out the transaction.

Under mounting pressure, Amazon said last month it had begun booking UK sales in this country, which may see it pay more taxes.

Details of its 2014 tax bill in the UK attracted criticism from the Taxpayers' Alliance.

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