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Ambitious Delta Packaging opens new Poland factory site

By Margaret Canning

Delta Packaging in Belfast has opened a new factory in Poland as part of plans to expand its European supply chain network.

The company, founded by Terry Cross and employing 250 people in west Belfast, makes packaging for firms including McDonald's, Kellogg's and KFC.

Its new factory in Gliwice is part of a £40m investment announced last year.

Delta, which will operate in Poland under the name European Packaging Solutions, said the new factory - which employs 21 people - would cement its position as a global player and help it win new accounts.

Mr Cross added: "We considered locations in Ukraine, Slovenia, Slovakia, Germany and France. We have customers in Europe who need the security of supply that two sites provide. The site in Poland excelled.

"It will assist us in maintaining security of supply, giving us the capacity to operate across two locations, while also providing direct access to the large print and packaging industry that exists in the heart of Europe."

Mr Cross said the firm aimed to position European Packaging Solutions as the go-to supplier of cartons in Europe, with a workforce of 100 people and sales of €30m (£22m) by 2020.

While the company has operations in India and China. Mr Cross was keen to open in Poland as it already has a successful print and packaging industry, giving the firm a ready-made workforce.

"This aspect, coupled with the support infrastructure that exists through development agencies, helped to ensure the scheduled opening date for the Gliwice factory remained on track," he said.

And speaking to the Belfast Telegraph this week, Mr Cross added: "Jobs may be created outside Northern Ireland, but these only go towards enhancing the operation here. We have to be global to survive and Belfast benefits from this internationalism."

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