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Andor launch R&D facility after another strong year

By Margaret Canning

Scientific camera maker Andor launched a new research and development facility as it revealed strong trading for the past year.

The company, which is based in Springvale in west Belfast and is one of Northern Ireland's few listed companies, said all markets had shown "excellent growth" in the year to September 31.

Revenue from a new Neo camera was growing, and lead-time for the product had been reduced to four weeks.

It also announced the launch of a new high intensity research and development centre, Certus, which will make products beyond its usual capability and get them to market more quickly.

Around 14 new recruits will be hired for Certus while others have been transferred from elsewhere in the company.

Employees in Certus will work longer hours and in isolation from the company, and projects will be "fully resourced" from launch. Andor, which employs around 300 people in 16 offices around the world, started as a Queen's spin-off in 1989 and makes cameras for academia, industry and the Government.