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Apple's email receipt lead followed by high street stores

Retailers have followed in Apple's footsteps and signed up to give customers their receipts electronically for the first time.

Accessorize, French Connection and Monsoon, among others, have launched a trial with the eReceipts business, part-funded and chaired by former Tesco chief executive Lord MacLaurin.


The technology has already been rolled out across the north of England food retailer Booths, and the company is hoping to sign up its chairman's former employer, Tesco.


Lord MacLaurin, who introduced the Tesco Clubcard in the mid-1990s, said joining eReceipts was the next step in retail.


The Tesco Clubcard, which allowed the supermarket chain to collect data on and analyse the shopping habits of its customers, was one of the key reasons why the company overtook Sainsbury's and became the country's biggest supermarket.


He said: "Introducing something like this was always at the back of my mind when I was at Tesco. It seems like a logical extension of the Clubcard."


The technology means a digital copy of a receipt is sent to the customer by email, instead of in paper format, meaning they then have a permanent record of the transaction – something Apple has offered in its high street stores since launching in the UK in 2004.


The retailers that have signed up also have the customer's email address and would be able to gather more information on their buying habits to target them with future tailored offers – much like the Clubcard.

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