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'Apprentice' star Brady becomes an Avon lady

Football boss and entrepreneur Karren Brady is to mentor and inspire Avon ladies, the cosmetics company said today.

Currently the vice-chairman of West Ham United FC and a judge on The Apprentice television show, she will share business advice and practical skills with Avon.

Karren Brady was guest speaker at the Belfast Telegraph business awards in March of this year.

The company said the partnership would involve Brady taking on a "mentoring role" to motivate the self-employed representatives to increase their sales.

Avon UK president Anna Segatti said: "Avon is committed to empowering women to have a better tomorrow and as an extremely successful businesswoman and mother, Karren is an inspirational figure for women and a fantastic ambassador for the financial empowerment that Avon offers them.

"Her remarkable ability to juggle an incredibly successful career with the challenges of motherhood makes her a very fitting role model for our team of Avon representatives."

Ms Brady said: "When I was approached by Avon, I was delighted to have the opportunity to work with such a progressive and dynamic company.

"Over the years, Avon has been groundbreaking in the way it has supported and empowered women to assert themselves in the world of business and gain financial independence."

Ms Brady will initially shadow an Avon representative and will then mentor the women at events throughout the year.