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Apprentice's Leah Totton wants her boyfriend to move to Northern Ireland

By Margaret Canning

The boyfriend of Apprentice winner Dr Leah Totton has said his Londonderry love is persuading him to set up shop in Northern Ireland.

Aussie-born businessman Mark Wright, who won Lord Sugar's reality show in 2014, a year after Dr Totton, is in Belfast today to take part in tech expo event Digital DNA.

He said he had never been to Northern Ireland until a month ago - but since then he has been three times.

That has included a trip to Londonderry to meet the family of his girlfriend, who runs cosmetic skin clinics in London and Essex under the Dr Leah brand.

The businesswoman won the TV reality competition in 2013, and the pair got together in 2015 and have been a celebrity couple ever since.

Mark, who runs digital marketing agency Climb Online said: "Leah is at me to move to Northern Ireland.

"We've been to meet the family in Londonderry. We went and had a look at the Giant's Causeway and Portrush. She's trying to show me all the good sides to convince me.

"She would like me to come here and bring Climb Online, and she'd open a clinic, but we haven't told Lord Sugar yet."

The business whiz also joked that he was well aware of his place in Dr Totton's affections.

"Her first love is Northern Ireland and I'm her second, but I just have to be happy with that," he said.

Mark will take part in events at the eagerly awaited annual Digital DNA event at St George's Market today.

Digital DNA is a leading business and technology event held each year in Belfast since 2013.

Its aim is to give businesses the skills, knowledge and understanding to implement digital technology into their operations.

This is done by showcasing digital leaders in business, such as Mr Wright, and what actions they have taken to help them grow and engage with their markets.

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