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April Edition of Business Month

Welcome to the April edition of Business Month, my last in this particular hot seat.

This month we're taking a look at everything from starting out in business in our young entrepreneur feature and, at the other end of the scale, at retiring in our second Focus On feature.

Our cover story explores the growing world of Northern Ireland's craft beer industry, Jim McCauley takes a drive in a Honda, our travel pages head to the Canaries and The Chairman gets out and about.

Around four years ago we were beginning to plan the creation of Business Month with a vague idea for a 64-page magazine which would be newsworthy, interesting and just a little bit fun (hence The Chairman), and of course, all focused on business.

Certainly we've had plenty of the latter in the following years and I hope you've enjoyed reading the magazine, one which has taken on a momentum of its own.

From the first issue in October 2010, which I eagerly waited for at the end of a print line in the early hours of the morning, to this magazine in April 2014, which was one of my last tasks at the Belfast Telegraph before getting married, it's been an absolute pleasure.

Thank you,

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