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Armagh supermarket Emerson's is giving something back to help struggling dairy farmers

By John Mulgrew

A supermarket in Armagh will donate cash to help Northern Ireland's struggling dairy farmers every time its customers buy milk.

Emerson's Supermarket will donate 10p to the charity Rural Support when customers buy two litres of Dale Farm milk in the store.

Farmers in Northern Ireland and across the UK have been protesting over the price they are paid for milk.

The owner of the store - which has operated for 125 years - Gavin Emerson said many of his customers were families of dairy farmers who had been struggling to cope.

"The current market for liquid milk is impacting negatively on dairy farmers and their families. No business person wants to get up out of bed knowing they are getting up to lose money," he said.

"Many of these hard-working families are customers of ours so we feel a duty to do something which offers practical support to an organisation which helps and support for families needing it."

And Ian Marshall, president of the Ulster Farmers' Union, said the supermarket's decision to donate was "a positive step towards giving back to the farming community".

"Current market volatility has caused farmers major problems - not only with dairy products."

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