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Asda launches refund campaign to woo customers

Asda has guaranteed to sell groceries at least 10% cheaper than all of its major rivals as it battles to win shoppers struggling with VAT and soaring household bills.

The UK's second-largest supermarket group is promising to refund customers in the form of a voucher redeemable in stores if they find their groceries less than 10% cheaper elsewhere from today.

It builds on the retailer's original price guarantee announced in April last year which offered customers the difference in price against its competitors plus 1p.

Under the new deal, Asda shoppers will be refunded £10 if they find their £100 basket for the same price anywhere else. Customers who find their £100 Asda basket for £95 elsewhere will receive 10% of £95 plus the original £5 difference - a total of £14.50.

Shoppers can check for refunds by tapping their receipt details into the Asda website the day after shopping to find out how much their basket would have cost elsewhere.

The price comparison will be run by the independent website.

Asda said the guarantee would cover all of the 15,000 products listed on the My Supermarket price comparison site, including around 7,000 items that are subject to VAT.

Around 10% of products at Asda are unique to the retailer and are therefore not included in the price checker. Asda chief executive, Andy Clarke, said: "Our customers place their trust in us to always have the lowest prices.

"But from today our price promise is backed by a copper-bottomed guarantee.

"When it comes to saving people money, we mean business this year."