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Asda stocks up with help from Northern Ireland firms

Meat companies Karro Food Group and Doherty & Gray have secured new listings with supermarket giant Asda as the barbecue season gets into full swing.

Doherty & Gray in Ballymena will supply its six ounce steak burgers and four ounce beef burgers, sold under its Hulls brand, in Asda's 17 stores throughout Northern Ireland.

And Karro, which is based in Yorkshire but has major operations in Co Tyrone, will supply giant sausages from its famous Cookstown range to the supermarket chain.

Trevor Mounstephen, account manager at Cookstown, explained the significance of its custom with the retail giant: "Our ongoing business with Asda helps sustain 875 employees at our Cookstown factory and also provides a marketplace for all our locally sourced pork."

Earlier this year Karro Food Group was sold by former private equity owners Endless to CapVest Partners.

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