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Asda to create 40 jobs in £4m extension

By Symon Ross

Supermarket chain Asda has announced a £4m extention and remodel of its Enniskillen store which will create 40 new jobs in the area.

The Enniskillen store has been Asda’s busiest in Northern Ireland over the last year thanks to the surge in shoppers from the Republic coming north to cash in on the Euro’s strength against the pound.

The influx of cross-border shoppers boosted the store’s weekly sales to more than £3m in the run-up to Christmas and saw it take on an additional 100 temporary workers.

Asda said the additional 12,000 sq ft of floor space that will be created by its upgrade investment will allow the store to expand its fashion, entertainment and homeware departments, add more checkouts and open a new McGee’s butchery counter.

The redevelopment project began earlier this week, with the revamped store to be completed by mid-March. Asda said it is temporarily suspending 24-hour trading throughout the process but the store will remain open.

“The year 2009 was a fantastic year for us, culminating in record-breaking December sales,” said Peter Beckett, general store manager of the Enniskillen store.

“The support from our local customers and from those travelling across the border was phenomenal.”

“I’m delighted that in 2010 we can continue to develop and expand our offering.

“As well as launching the extended and improved store, later this year we will launch a home shopping service giving customers who don’t have a store on their doorstep access to Asda’s low prices.

“Despite the impact of the economic recession, we’ve proved that Asda delivers the range, value and service that the public wants and this is only set to continue in our bigger, brighter supermarket.”

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