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Aviation Sector case study: making aircraft leaner and greener

ON ENTRY into service, Bombardier's new CSeries commercial aircraft will deliver significant environmental benefits through its technological advancements – delivering reduced emissions and noise. This will help the sustainability and growth of the airlines that acquire the aircraft.

The CSeries aircraft has significant UK content, primarily through the advanced composite wings that have been designed and are being manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace in Belfast.

The wings incorporate an innovative Resin Transfer Infusion technology – taking the use of lightweight composites to even greater levels of complexity and structural performance.

Not only is this technology delivering growth to the company's operation in Belfast, but it also helps position it for increased future business with new customers, consistent with the AGP's strategic aim of broadening the UK's customer base. In addition to the 800 jobs which will be involved in the project in Belfast when it reaches full production, the CSeries programme is supporting a further 2,000 jobs in the supply chain.

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