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BA shown ‘fair’ way to cut costs

Union leaders yesterday tabled a fresh offer aimed at averting strikes by British Airways cabin crew — believed to include possible savings of almost £63m.

Marathon talks between Unite officials and airline managers continued after a deadline was extended, with the two sides swapping documents on how to break a deadlocked row over |cost savings.

Unite is understood to have put forward a 10-page document which details a series of savings on pay, crew numbers, natural wastage, hotel costs and meal allowances. A union source said he believed the offer was “fair, far-reaching and generous” and met BA's financial demands, while giving safeguards on pay and conditions to existing crew.

It is believed that under Unite's proposal, BA would reinstate a 15th crew member on long haul flights, something the airline has been strongly resisting.

Unite is understood to be offering a one year pay freeze, followed by a 2.6% pay cut, then an increase in line with RPI inflation or 2.6%, whichever is higher.

A lump sum bonus worth around £7m would be paid at the end of year three.

Meanwhile, Aer Lingus has given more details of its cost cutting measures including 230 compulsory redundancies among cabin crew. All 1,200 Aer Lingus cabin crew in the Republic will be sent notices of termination later this month and offered new contracts involving lower salaries and changed work practices.

Trade union IMPACT said the plans were “brutal, targeted and unfair”.