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Ballymena rugby store scores massive sales after converting to new platform

Ballymena sports retailer HugeRugby.com has said online sales have more than doubled in the last three months.

The business said it had improved sales after changing its online retail technology to the IRP – a platform developed by Export Technologies.

The IRP is available to retailers, distributors and manufacturers that have the potential to sell internationally through online means.

It combines traffic generation with conversion, by handling the languages, currencies and localised markets in a systematic way.

Huge Rugby director Jonny Small said: "Our parent brand Sport N Style has been trading successfully in Ballymena for the last 30 years, but as customer habits shifted online, we realised a multi-channel approach was needed to grow the business.

"Although we sell all types of sports equipment, rugby was a key strength, so we decided to launch www.hugerugby.com to focus on this niche area.

"We quickly saw the potential for online growth, and the IRP has been the catalyst to help us secure customers in South Africa, Japan and Canada – something which would not have been possible before.”

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