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Bangor welding company nets £1.2m French deal


A Bangor welding company has scooped a £1.2m contract in France.

The deal will create 10 new jobs, with the potential to create a further 23 highly skilled posts. Inter Weld Inc Ltd has secured the order with Leroux & Lotz Maintys, part of the Altawest Group, to supply special corrosion resistant components to the French power industry.

The company, which was set up in 2009 and currently employs 50 people, is also currently in talks with energy industry representatives around the world to secure deals which will create jobs and attract inward investment for Northern Ireland.

John Petticrew, chief executive with Inter Weld Inc Ltd, said the firm is one of around five companies globally which specialises in weld overlay as corrosion protection for power stations.

"We will soon be operating in the oil and gas sector, providing clad line pipe for subsea pipelines, which will make us only one of four companies worldwide which offers such highly skilled and specialised services," he said.

"This contract, to supply corrosion resistant boiler components for a major overhaul of a power plant in the south of France, sets us as industry leaders and could also be the start of an additional two-year framework agreement to supply all corrosion resistant products to Leroux & Lotz, which means we would be creating a further 23 jobs.

"Although we are based in Northern Ireland, we don't have any clients here because of the nature of our work, but because Northern Ireland is a great place to be, and a great place to do business, we aim to continue operating from here."

"We are pleased at winning this substantial contract, as it strengthens our position in a very competitive niche market. This will allow us to showcase our skills and expertise, which is a major achievement for a Northern Ireland firm who have to compete globally.

"We look forward to securing future contracts that are in the pipeline, which will allow us to continue to expand, create jobs and bring new high-end clients to Northern Ireland."

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