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Barclays eyes expansion of Dublin office in Brexit plan

By Kalyeena Makortoff

Barclays is considering expanding its Dublin offices after the UK leaves the EU, the latest in a string of banks reacting to the expected loss of access to the single market.

The Irish capital is one of a number of EU cities the lender is eyeing as part of contingency plans, although it is not clear whether London-based jobs would be moved or if new staff would be hired.

Barclays, led by Jes Staley, already has a subsidiary and banking licence in Dublin - where around 100 staff are employed - giving it access to the single market after Brexit.

It has operations in other EU cities including Madrid and Paris.

Barclays said: "We have made clear repeatedly that we will plan for a range of Brexit contingencies, including building greater capacity into our existing operations in Dublin. Identifying available office space is a necessary and predictable part of that contingency planning process."

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