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Be Vigilant Against Credit Card Fraud

You can never fully protect yourself against credit card fraud, but by being vigilant and keeping an eye on your credit cards at all times and avoiding risky practices you can go a long way to doing so.

It is largely a question of common sense and making sure that you don’t make it easy for illicit individuals to get hold of your card details or enable them to make a copy of your piece of plastic.

You should be aware of where your credit card is at all times, something which is made more difficult if you have a number of cards. If you have more than one credit card then it may be worth considering moving your debts to a single card, something that is made more attractive by the availability of 0% balance transfer credit cards. On these cards you will receive no interest on balance transfers you make for a specified period of time, which can often last up to a year.

If you feel you need a number of credit cards, you will want to keep the cards that you don’t use regularly in a safe place at home and just carry the credit card that you use for daily purchases in your purse or wallet. If you do keep a credit card at home, then ensure that it’s not kept with any bills that have your home address written on them, as if a fraudster gets hold of your credit card and home address it will be easy for them to make purchases online.

When shopping online you always need to have the security of your credit card in the back of your mind. There are some great deals to be had online, which are perfect with Christmas on the horizon, but you also need to be wary of who you are giving your details to. Always check that the security padlock is present in the bottom right hand side of your browser and read the section on credit card security that should be on all trusted sites.

You should think twice about using websites that you have not come across before as they may well be ones that you’d be better off steering clear of. While you may be passing up a great offer, if you stick to websites you’ve used in the past and have had no trouble with, then you can minimise the risk of your credit card details getting into the wrong hands.

It isn’t just online where you should be vigilant, but you should always have the security of your credit card in the back of your mind when shopping in your local town centre. You should keep an eye on your credit card at all times when making a transaction in a shop or restaurant, as potentially it only takes a couple of seconds for your card to be copied in a skimmer from where it could be used fraudulently.

As well as being cautious when making purchases with your credit card, you should also check your balance regularly. This is relatively simple to do as you can keep an eye on your balance online from the comfort of your own home. Thus, if your card was used fraudulently you would become aware of it almost immediately. If you do come across purchases that you didn’t make then you should get in touch with your credit card provider immediately.

Try and keep your card in your eye line when making purchases in town and check the security offered by websites before making purchases online to ensure that you do everything you can to protect yourself against credit card fraud.

As long as you are vigilant against credit card fraud and always have the security of your card in the back of your mind, then you can enjoy using your plastic and the benefits that come with it.

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