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Belfast credit union technology firm snapped up by Canadian company Volaris Group as it looks to build more business

By Lesley Houston

A Belfast tech firm which designs software for hundreds of credit union accounts across Ireland has been bought by a Canadian company.

Toronto-based Volaris Group yesterday confirmed it had acquired Wellington Computer Systems Ltd. The Northern Ireland company has offices in Dublin and Cork and services both the credit union network as well as the beverage distribution sector, including household names like C&C. The Belfast firm, established in 1983 by managing director Alex Dunne and technical director Kevin Taylor, will continue to operate in Ireland but will now be overseen by Volaris.

Wellington IT products are used by more than 150 credit unions throughout Ireland, with its technology behind online banking and smartphone app services.

The company also provides IT software which is used to manage order processing and stock control.

Its customers include other merchants such as Edward Dillon & Co, Counterpoint and Fox International.

Alex Dunne, managing director of Wellington IT said the Volaris philosophy of acquiring companies “to build them for the long-term” was very attractive to his firm.

“We saw a fit for our company with them right away and we are confident that our new home with Volaris can provide new opportunities for our customers and our employees through continued investment in our products and our people.” he said.

Mark Miller, chief executive of Volaris, said that the company was looking forward to supporting Wellington IT in building their business further. “Now as part of Volaris, there is plenty of opportunity for them to learn from and share best practices and experiences with some of our other like-minded businesses,” he said.

Volaris, which is the operating group of Constellation Software, has more than 8,500 employees and more than 70,000 customers in over 100 countries.

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