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Belfast Harbour boss O'Hagan reappointed

Regional Development Minister Conor Murphy has announced the reappointment of Len O'Hagan as chairman of the Belfast Harbour Commissioners. This appointment is for four years from January 2011.

The minister welcomed Mr O'Hagan's reappointment and praised his achievements. "Under Len's chairmanship, significant investment has taken place at the port, including a new £37m passenger and freight terminal, and a £10m extension of the deep water quay at Stormont Wharf.

Price rise threat to cheap tipple

Budget pub chain Wetherspoon increased the price of drinks by an average of 3% to 4% last month after major alcohol suppliers increased prices. Chairman Tim Martin said it was the company's first non-tax related price hike of the year. However, he stressed that managers had the power to set their own prices, so some of the chain's 780 outlets may not have increased their prices.