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Belfast pizza wars heat up as Greens expands

By Rachel Martin

Pizza wars in south Belfast have entered a new phase as one of the area's most long-established eateries gets set to expand.

Independent pizzeria Greens hopes to expand into bigger premises at its location right next door to Pizza Express, also on the Lisburn Road.

It means the chic locality will now be home to an extra-large Greens, a Pizza Express, a Little Wing Pizzeria and the Belfast Wood Fired Pizza Company - all within a very close distance of each other.

Greens, which is owned by William Clark, was the first pizzeria to open on the Lisburn Road nearly 30 years ago, though it first traded as Pizza the Action.

But John McKenna, a food critic and co-author of the McKennas Food Guides, said he did not believe the Greens expansion should be interpreted as an escalation of hostilities in the pizza wars.

Instead, he said it was a case of "the more, the merrier".

"You want tourists to be able to go to St George's Market on a Sunday and the Lisburn Road on a Saturday night," he said.

Mr Clark said he had never been intimidated by the presence of Pizza Express

"They have a different market and a different marketing strategy.

"Customers know that we are a local company and I think a lot of people like to support the local one."

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