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Belfast restaurant owner goes bankrupt over unpaid bill from drinks firm

A Belfast restaurateur has been declared bankrupt over an unpaid bill to a drinks company.

The order was served on Nigel Rahman of the Bengal Brasserie in court on Friday, May 6.

The petitioner was Drinks Incorporated Ltd.

Maeve Allen of Mills Selig solicitors, which represented Drinks Inc, declined to comment on the circumstances of the petition.

Last year Mr Rahman's Bengal Brasserie II on the city's Lisburn Road was taken out of administration after it was acquired by a sister company which runs a venue of the same name on the Ormeau Road. Mr Rahman moved to Northern Ireland from Bangladesh in the early 1990s.

The Lisburn Road outlet was opened in November 2009 but went into administration just months later after one of Mr Rahman's business partners withdrew his backing.

He entered into a CVA (Creditors Voluntary Arrangement) last August, agreeing to pay around £15,000 a month back to creditors over three and a half years.

However, it is understood that Mr Rahman has paid only a fraction of the money back.

Sources have claimed that he owes hundreds of thousands of pounds to a number of creditors.

Around £2m was spent on the Lisburn Road branch, which includes a 200-seater restaurant, business rooms with plasma screens and WiFi, and tea rooms for private dining.

In January 2010, administrators Lismore & Co were appointed by the High Court to take over after Mr Rahman's investor withdrew.

Mr Rahman was not available for comment yesterday.