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Belfast tech firm expands thanks to jail work

By Joanne Sweeney

A Belfast technology firm that makes fingerprint and eye-scanning products has grown its workforce by around 50% after winning a £500,000 prison contract in the Republic of Ireland.

The Lava Group now employs 20 employees, having started this year with 13.

It develops biometric controls, such as fingerprint and eye-scanning, for high-security sites such as prisons and the health sector.

It is finishing its biggest contract to date by installing lock controllers throughout a prison in Cork.

Its new subsidiary company, Lava Monitoring, has also recently started a trial of a new lifebuoy monitoring system in Carrickfergus Harbour.

The product, which is called Sentry, has been designed to combat the risks associated with vandals stealing and damaging equipment from waterfronts.

The Lava Group also has two new products in the pipeline.

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