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Belfast tech hub teams up with counterpart in Dublin

By John Mulgrew

A new Belfast tech hub is pairing up with its counterpart in Dublin to allow members to use both working spaces.

The Ormeau Baths building is being transformed into an entrepreneurial campus.

The project’s backers include FanDuel entrepreneur Nigel Eccles, Frankly’s Aaron Taylor and Mark Dowds of insurance platform Trov.

It has now formed an alliance with Dublin-based co-working space Patrick Walsh’s Dogpatch Labs that will allow entrepreneurs and companies the ability to use both facilities.

Jon Bradford, co-founder of Ormeau Baths, said the move is “a mutually beneficial arrangement that will allow entrepreneurs in Dublin and Belfast to move seamlessly between the two locations”.

“We know tech business founders in Ireland regularly travel between Belfast and Dublin to see customers, meet potential investors and attend events, so having a base in both cities will be of real value,” he said.

“The founders of Ormeau Baths are big fans of what Dogpatch Labs has done in Dublin and we are excited about linking up with Patrick and his team as we believe they share a similar ethos and spirit to what we are aiming to create for the tech community in Belfast.”

The Ormeau development will help indigenous tech start-ups access new markets, networks, funding and hands-on expertise.

Patrick Walsh, managing director and owner of Dogpatch Labs, said: “At Dogpatch we are helping Irish start-ups with proven technology to realise big market opportunities and generally doing everything we can to boost Ireland’s tech ecosystem.

“So linking up with the team at Ormeau Baths, whose vision is to do the same in Belfast, makes a lot of sense.”

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