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Belfast technology firm DisplayNote lands a big deal in Japan

By John Mulgrew

Belfast technology firm DisplayNote has landed a major deal to supply its software to over a million computers in Japan.

It secured the deal with IT giant NEC for its software which lets users share what's on their screens with other displays and devices.

That could include large screens or tablets and mobile phones. It's understood the deal will mean the software is used on more than a million PCs.

DisplayNote, which employs 32 people, builds products designed to make it easier for people to present, share, connect and collaborate in real-time across large-format display.

It employs 11 workers in Belfast at the Northern Ireland Science Park and a further 21 in Spain.

It's already worked with a number of international companies such as BENQ and Sahara.

The firm also landed more than £1m in additional funding last year. It was founded in 2012.

DisplayNote's Ed Morgan said the collaboration with NEC "not only further strengthens the relationship between the two companies, it also increases our presence in the global market".

"It's another huge endorsement of the work we're doing here at DisplayNote. We collaborated closely with NEC's product planning and engineering team to bring this solution to the Japanese PC and display market," he said.

Hiroyuki Asaga of NEC said that the software had "enabled us to effectively connect those devices and offer an all-round interactive solution".

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