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Belfast technology firm Taggled clicks deal with big US shopping site ShopStyle

Ian Scott of Taggled, based at Northern Ireland Science Park in the Titanic Quarter
Ian Scott of Taggled, based at Northern Ireland Science Park in the Titanic Quarter

By Jamie Stinson

Belfast technology firm Taggled has landed a deal with a major US retailer, which could help it link up with 10,000 potential users.

The business, established in April 2013, is hopeful that the new partnership with shopping website ShopStyle, will ensure it is "at the forefront of online fashion retail technology."

Taggled allows bloggers to make money by tagging links to products featured in their videos. The bloggers, who may feature their videos on platforms like YouTube, receive commission from the retailer, if a viewer clicks through their link and makes a purchase.

Ian Scott founded the firm, which is based at Northern Ireland Science Park in the Titanic Quarter.

He said that with online video views continuing to grow and 80% of consumers are more likely to buy a product they see featured in a video, ShopStyle knows that offering captivated viewers the chance to purchase direct from video is the way forward.

"Providing a truly 'shoppable' video experience will not only drive sales to e-commerce sites but massively increase viewer engagement and consumer satisfaction," he said.

He said that the number of viewers who click through the links and make a purchase is between 1% and 5%.

He added: "We are delighted that ShopStyle is the first online global publishing platform to integrate with our technology in this way, proving yet again it's a pioneer in the fashion and ecommerce industry."

Mr Scott said that the firm's technology gives benefits to both bloggers and websites. "It's good for the brand as it doesn't cost them unless someone buys something, and its good for the video blogger to monetise their platform," he said.

Taggled's journey began when Mr Scott was having coffee with a friend, who was expressing his frustrations at being unable to find online a product he spotted in a film.

He decided there must be an easier way of tracking down products featured in videos and began developing the software.

Melissa Davis, executive vice president of ShopStyle, added: "We are passionate about the digital landscape. We want our vloggers and viewers to experience the best when it comes to online video and shopping."

Ian Scott is no stranger to business success. He founded Lemma Solutions in 2006, specialising in websites, internet and mobile applications. The firm analyses business requirements to develop tailored packages for supply chain management and stock control for companies like Gilfresh, Slurrykat and Wilson's Country Potatoes. Taggled allows brands to identify products on video blogs and for customers to link straight through to buy them.

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