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The Belfast Telegraph's mobile apps are proving to be a hit in the Apple store - and you can enjoy a free subscription for the first 10 days.

Click here to download the Belfast Telegraph iPad App

Since their launch in June last year, the iPad and iPhone versons of the Belfast Telegraph have clocked up more than 8,000 downloads and have featured in the New and Noteworthy Section on iTunes.

Apple's devices are now a central part of the media industry; 1.2bn apps were downloaded in the last week of 2011 and 13 percent of online purchases on Christmas Day were made using either an iPhone or iPad.

The Belfast Telegraph's iPad app lets you keep up to date with the stories that matter through our award-winning coverage of news, sport, business, and opinion - available while you are on the move.

The app features exclusive content from our print edition, live breaking news and outstanding presentation.

Sync our content anytime to stay right up-to-date with the latest edition of the Belfast Telegraph.

You can download any edition from the past 5 days, skip to particular stories or flick through the entire paper page by page.

Find your favourite section, customise the layout and enhance the pictures, access breaking news from the scrolling ticker at the top of the page - it's that simple!

The Tele app means you can take a whole day’s worth of news with you wherever you go and read it instantly, even when you’re offline.

It opens up a whole new era for the Belfast Telegraph reader... so join in and enjoy the journey...

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