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Belfast Telegraph launches Home Delivery promotion

If you would like the Belfast Telegraph delivered to your home then we have got good news for you.

The Belfast Telegraph has launched a new Home Delivery website where you can get the paper delivered to your door at the click of a mouse. With our special introductory offer of only 50p* a day you can save 20p on the retail price and you'll never have to miss out on the latest news, views, sports and features in Northern Ireland's daily newspaper.

All our Home Delivery customers agree that the convenience of having the paper waiting for you when you get home after a hard day's work is hard to beat. Plus when you sign up you can choose from one of our fabulous free gifts including a high life dining card, magazine subscription, membership card for Queen's Film Theatre or mp3 player.

If you are already a Home Delivery customer the new website will let you get in touch with our dedicated customer service team with any queries and if you are going on holiday they can suspend your delivery until you get back. You can now enter the monthly members only prize draw online. This month's prize is a fabulous digital camera.

You may have seen our new TV advert promoting the value and convenience of Home Delivery featuring Carol our Customer Service Manager - and if you haven't seen it already you can view it on the new website.

Carol and her team are not only there to help you sign up to Home Delivery but they can also answer all your questions and sort our any queries on our free phone number 0800 028 1909.

Click here to check out the new website and you too can enjoy the convenience of having the paper delivered directly to your door whatever the weather.

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