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Belfast Telegraph launches new online shop featuring Northern Ireland artists

By Valerie Edwards

Stuck for Christmas gift ideas?

The Belfast Telegraph has launched its new online shop, Belfast Telegraph Studio, featuring the work of Northern Ireland artists.

Local artwork, crafts, gifts and textiles could be the perfect present for that awkward someone, as the unique items won;t be easily found on the high street.

It features modern contemporary pieces by leading local artist Keith Drury, whose work has appeared in the BBC series “The Fall” and Irish landscape pieces by Jim McKee.

To mark the launch of the online shop, Stephen Farnan has created a limited edition collection for the Belfast Telegraph.

Stephen, who is a potter by trade and works from his studio in Belfast, created the “Captured Memories,” which features landscapes such as the Samson and Goliath cranes in Belfast.

There are three pieces in the collection, including the Belfast Telegraph building, a street sales vendor and the first edition of the Belfast Telegraph.

Other local artists featured on the website include Trevor Woods, Aly Harte and Lisa Dodds.

For more information visit Belfast Telegraph Studio.

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