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Belfast Telegraph launches official Facebook page

As part of the ongoing efforts to reach out and engage with our readers, the Belfast Telegraph has recently launched its new official Facebook page.

Facebook is currently the most popular social networking site in the world with more than 350 million active users and over 23 million users in the UK. Facebook is increasingly the default online destination for many Internet users.

That's why the Belfast Telegraph feels it's important to have a strong presence there as well.

But rather than have a Facebook page just for the sake of having it, the Belfast Telegraph is keen on developing our Facebook page in the spirit of this community - by being part of the conversation and engaging with our fans and readers.

Sam McIlveen, Director of Digital Publishing at the Belfast Telegraph, says: "Online communities like Facebook give news a personal touch. As the premiere news destination in Northern Ireland we feel it's vitally important to be part of this process. It's not enough any more to just push out the news. Now more than ever we need to listen as well as speak, and social networking sites are the gateways to such conversations."

On our Facebook page,, the Belfast Telegraph will link to news articles that are fun, off-beat and noteworthy in a way that aligns with the open and informal culture on the site. We will also give our Facebook fans advance warning of upcoming promotions, special offers and discount vouchers included in the paper, and free giveaways.

Listening to and interacting with our fans is a vital aspect of a successful community, so we encourage all to comment on Facebook, share our stories, and let us know what you think. We promise to read it all and reply where appropriate.

So become a fan of our Facebook page and be part of the conversation.... click here to go to our page.

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