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Belfast Telegraph owners INM snap up Greer Publications' four market-leading titles

By Margaret Canning

Belfast Telegraph parent company INM Ltd has bought four magazines from Greer Publications in a landmark acquisition.

INM is now the owner of Ulster Business, Northern Woman, Hospitality Review NI and Ulster Grocer - magazines formerly owned by Gladys and James Greer.

The market-leading business-to-business and consumer magazines have now joined the portfolio of print and online titles managed by INM Ltd in Belfast.

Belfast Telegraph managing director Richard McClean said: "We are delighted to add these flagship titles to our suite of publications. 

"They are all very well-established monthly magazines with an impressive readership across the business, food retailing, hospitality, consumer and lifestyle sectors. 

"We look forward to further developing these already strong products in print and online as they become fully integrated within the INM group."

Gladys Greer of Greer Publications added: "I am looking forward to seeing Northern Ireland's leading business-to-business magazines in business, grocery and hospitality, and Northern Woman, continue to grow successfully into the future with the collective strength of our team and INM behind them."

Mr McClean told the Belfast Telegraph that Ulster Business would augment the title's existing business coverage. All the titles would bring opportunities in events such as awards programmes, he added.

"We already have a strong business offering in print and online, and we look forward to adding the leading monthly publication, Ulster Business, to our portfolio.

"It helps to further augment and strengthen our offering in that category, and helps us to look forward in both print and online, as well as in events engagement.

"We can use this as a springboard to further develop our ambitions in this category."

Mr McClean said Ulster Grocer and Hospitality Review were both "very well-recognised" business-to-business magazines and added: "Acquiring these titles allows us to bring our expertise to a new publishing opportunity which will extend our reach."

And Northern Woman, with its lifestyle, fashion and health mix, also presented a "great opportunity".

Mr McClean added: "We always strive to provide the best content, whether in our newspaper, online or in our new magazines.

"We are currently daily newspaper of the year, and our title the Sunday Life is Sunday newspaper of the year. And that is why we acquired Greer Publications' magazines, because they are the leaders in their respective categories."

The deal was concluded on Wednesday of this week. The 10 staff working on the four titles will be retained and for the next few months will continue to operate from the Belfast Harbour Estate premises.

INM Ltd is the parent company of the Belfast Telegraph and Sunday Life newspapers, and Belfast,,, and

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