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Belfast Telegraph the greatest media force in Northern Ireland

New figures for the newspaper's website show is the most popular website for regional newspapers in the whole of the UK and Ireland.

Last month 1.8 million unique users came to the site for its fantastic mix of news, sport, comment and features.

Together with the newspaper's readership figure of 181,000* this makes the newspaper and its journalism as influential as it has ever been, far outstripping the Irish News and the News Letter for audience.

More and more people are also choosing to have their favourite read delivered by Ipad or Iphone. as the newspaper's multi-media strategy reaps increasing dividends.

Reaching across all communities in Northern Ireland, the Belfast Telegraph gives its readers a quality of content that delivers accuracy and authority, credibility and stature and depth and breadth. This in stark contrast to some of its competitors.

Carrying only the best in daily journalism, the Belfast Telegraph has a unique role in the digital age, delivering through its newspaper and website a news and comment daily that reflects the modern Northern Ireland. Its readers are confident, knowledgeable and tolerant. Its writers are authoritative, focused and informed.

Journalists such as reporter Adrian Rutherford, features writer Jane Hardy, columnist Fionola Meredith, sports editor Steven Beacom and a host of others deliver a daily digest of news, comment and information that equips readers for the complexities of the multi-media world.

But every day the role of the Telegraph continues to evolve. Good newspapers now deliver not only breaking news but the analysis and comment behind that news.

That is why we are Number One

* NI TGI 2011

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