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Belfast-born Cereal Killer twins open third cafe

By Rachel Martin

Belfast-born twins Gary and Alan Keery have this week opened a third branch of their Cereal Killer cafe chain.

The Birmingham premises will join the brothers' two London stores and comes a year on from the opening of their second cafe in Camden.

But the brothers say they have set their sights on still bigger things, with plans to expand internationally. They are working to open franchises in Jordan, Dubai and Kuwait in the next month - but there's no plans for a Belfast store just yet.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, Alan Keery said: "We always wanted to open more stores and opened our first two within two months of each other.

"Now we've been working on setting up international licences and have been looking for franchisees.

"By the end of the year we will have opened branches in Jordan, Dubai and Kuwait.

"But we definitely want to open more in the UK as well."

And he's not concerned the novelty will wear off.

"Cereal has been around for quite a long time so it's not a novelty. What we are doing is selling something that's been around for a while - cereal's not going away any time soon," he commented.

The pair also sell a range of cereal-themed jewellery, gadgets and clothing, and have launched a cereal "cookbook".

As well as breakfast, the new cafe's menus will also include cereal cocktails and pop tarts.

The twins caught the attention of the national media when they opened their cereal-themed cafe in London's Shoreditch area - and were criticised for charging up to £4.50 for a bowl of cereal in one of the most deprived districts of London. Hundreds of protesters attacked the property in September last year in anti-gentrification protests.

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