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Belfast's Tony Nicholl appointed chairman of accountants

By Jamie Stinson

Belfast man Tony Nicholl has taken over leadership of the UK accountants trade body.

Mr Nicholl, currently the president of Chartered Accountants Ireland and managing partner of GMcG Chartered Accountants, has been appointed chairman of CCAB.

The organisation is a combined group of the main UK accountancy bodies and represents more than 354,000 people.

The umbrella group will focus on helping government and police tackle money laundering and work with members as the UK votes on its membership of the European Union next year.

Mr Nicholl said: "CCAB's focus in the year ahead is to support growth, encourage financial stability and transparency as well as promoting trust in the profession and demonstrating the value that professional accountants bring to the economies of the UK and Ireland."

Mr Nicholl added: "CCAB will also direct considerable effort into tackling the problem of money laundering by encouraging a joined-up approach between policy makers, business and other authorities such as the police."

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