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Belfast's Yardsman launches stout in 'nitro' can

By Staff Reporter

A Belfast brewery has launched Northern Ireland's first 'nitro' canned stout. Hercules Brewing Company is now selling its Yardsman Double Stout in cans, which replaces much of the CO2 with nitrogen - producing a mouthfeel similar to pints of another popular stout found in bars across Ireland.

Yardsman's Niall McMullan said: "Nitrogen-infused drinks of all sorts have been rising in popularity in recent years and when I first heard about it I was excited about its potential so I immediately started thinking about how we could produce something of our own.

"I loved the idea of using the old traditions of brewing used by the original Hercules Brewing Company in the 1800s with this innovative technique. As is the nature with craft beer, it has been a fine art perfecting this nitro stout to a standard that our customers expect and I'm delighted to be able to introduce the first craft-brewed nitro can stout in Ireland."

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