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Best paying companies in technology and banking sectors

The best paying companies in the UK are offering staff up to £90,000 - more than three times the median annual salary across the country, according to a study.

Jobs site Glassdoor said companies in technology, banking and consulting dominated the top 10, based on information from workers.

Software firm SAP topped the list, followed by cloud computing company EMC, management consultants McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group and Facebook.

The top 10 companies all offer a base salary of more than £60,000, topped up with other payments.

Glassdoor's chief economist Dr Andrew Chamberlain said: "A huge contributing factor to high salaries is the development of technology tied to in-demand global skills.

"Tech salaries in particular tend to be high because of a shortage in specialist skills such as software development and programming, with a bidding war for these workers now underway."