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Big name beer and wine sales dry up

By Tim Moynihan

Ales of Britain's biggest alcohol brands are falling faster than the total drinks market, according to a new study.

The overall alcohol market has fallen 2.3% by volume year-on-year – but the nation's biggest players have been hit even harder, with the total volume sales of Britain's 100 largest drinks brands down by 2.8%, research for The Grocer found.

In terms of retail sales, the trend is the same – the major brands have grown an average of 1.3% against a market-wide increase of 2.1%.

The top beer and wine labels have been hardest hit, both dropping 4% by volume year-on-year, with retail sales down 0.3% and 0.7% respectively.

However, there were exceptions with Foster's, Corona, Coors Light, Cobra, McGuigan, Yellowtail and Barefoot recording strong growth.

Meanwhile, the average litre price of the top 100 brands has risen 2.7% year-on-year.

The research also revealed that new products are making the difference between growth and decline for some top brands, such as Jack Daniel's and Strongbow. which both launched new drinks.

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