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Bin workers in Birmingham voting on strike action amid job loss fears


Bin workers are contemplating strike action

Bin workers are contemplating strike action

Bin workers are contemplating strike action

Refuse collection workers have started voting on whether to strike in a dispute over cuts.

Members of Unite at Birmingham City Council are being balloted over the next two weeks, raising the threat of industrial action over the summer.

Regional officer Lynne Shakespeare said the council's waste management and refuse service had overspent its budget last year, leading to the threat of job losses.

Jacqui Kennedy, of Birmingham City Council, said: "As has been widely reported, the council needs to save £171 million by 2021 and this is a challenge being faced by all service areas within the council.

"In terms of waste management, pressures and demands on the service continue, and mean we have to find ways of saving in the region of £10 million more on an annual basis.

"Doing nothing is simply not an option. We need to offer our services in a more productive, effective and efficient way.

"The proposals we are consulting on will achieve all of these objectives and bring the council's waste management service into line with many other councils nationally.

"For some staff this could mean taking up a different role, and there are sufficient vacancies within the new structure proposal to ensure that all affected staff have this opportunity.

"We are also looking at how we can make promotion opportunities available for those potentially affected."