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Biotec firm SiSaf passes US test for drugs product

A Belfast biotec firm has cleared a key hurdle on its way to releasing its drug delivery system.

SiSaf was awarded the highest possible score in tests carried out in the US to determine whether it's product SiSafe is safe to use on humans.

Having passed the Phase One human safety trials, it will now progress to Phase Two which will test the efficacy of the product.

SiSafe makes absorption of drugs or other ingredients which are applied to the skin more effective so as to "enhance their bio availability".

Dr Suzanne Saffie-Siebert, chief executive of SiSaf, which is based at the Science Park and in San Jose, said the first phase wasencouraging, adding: "The overall goal of Phase One testing is to ensure the delivery system is safe for human use, and we scored positively across all the agreed human safety markers, in fact we scored the highest percentages possible in these human safety tests."

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