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Blackberry app opens up US market for local firm

By Clare Weir

A Northern Ireland company has been selected to release an application for the new BlackBerry tablet computer.

Belfast-based JamPot Technologies is one of only a handful of firms from all over the world to market the technology.

JamPot was only formed earlier this year to develop and market cross-platform technologies.

The growing global smartphone application market was worth $2.2bn (£1.4bn) during the first half of 2010, surpassing the total value for the entire 2009.

A potential rival to the Apple iPad, the Blackberry Playbook is just 1cm thick, weighs 425g and will support downloadable applications and online gaming.

Jampot was among a group of developers selected to debut their application on the American market. Soundboom, the first application of its type that is capable of operating across mobile phones, tablets, PCs and televisions, is an interactive educational game for pre-school children.

Ahead of flying out to a high-profile technology conference in San Francisco this week, chief executive of JamPot, James Scott said that despite being a young company, the firm boasts some of the most experienced and innovative programmers in the sector.

"It is a testament to the skills of our team in Belfast that we can lead the way on a worldwide stage at such an early point in the company's development," he said.

The Blackberry Playbook has shifted over 50,000 units on its first day release, with prices starting from around $500.

The Soundboom mobile app can be downloaded for $0.99.