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Bloggers' breakfast at W5 is big success

By Gary Grattan

The W5 in Belfast's Odyssey Pavilion was the setting for a 'Bloggers' Breakfast' organised by the website, which is funded by the Ulster Bank and supported by

The event, which was attended by 25 representatives from a range of businesses, was hosted by Dutch entrepreneur Ron Immink, a co-founder of

>>In Video: Report featuring interviews of people who attended the Bloggers' Breakfast

Ron explained: "We had a meeting with an eclectic group of bloggers and asked them what they thought of smallbusinesscan and how they felt it could be improved.

"Imagine all the entrepreneurs in Northern Ireland helping each other to grow - and imagine the possible impact that could have on the economy.

"That is what we are trying to achieve - and as far as I know, this has not been done anywhere else in the world."

Ron said the smallbusinesscan concept had only become a reality because of the "absolutely crucial support" from the Ulster Bank.

Simon Seaton, who works in the Ulster Bank's marketing department, said: "Its been a very useful event. We met to talk about the site, where it is going and to assess the reaction of the web community to what we have already done and where we hope to go to next with the project."

Tony Haren, of Admor Business Solutions, said it had been very worthwhile to attend.

"I wanted to find out how to use the internet a lot more, how better to interact with other people on social networking sites on the web," he said.

Geoff McGimpsey, who set up his own public relations company McGimpsey Communications just a few months ago, added: "I found it very helpful to meet people in the kind of businesses I am hoping to make contacts with.

"It was also good to finally meet people I have been following on the likes of Facebook and Twitter."

Smallbusinesscan is a portal site for discussions, articles and advice on all kinds of financial, legal, HR and tech issues that face start-ups and other small companies.

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