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BMI rebrands with new logo

British Midland International (bmi) has unveiled a new logo and visual identity, designed to strengthen the airline’s brand.

The new logo was launched just before Christmas and will soon be rolled out across the company.

British Midland International became part of the Lufthansa family last year and since then has been working on a strategic review of its brand.

The company says the new logo offers a stronger identity by using its full name rather than just bmi.

Joerg Hennemann, chief commercial officer at bmi, said: “In British Midland International, we are building a clearly-defined, well-positioned and easily understood brand.

“Our customers around the world associate themselves with a British airline and our refreshing, new visual identity will help us to communicate in an even clearer way with our customers and staff alike.

“Our new logo shows our customers that we are an international airline with a strong British heritage.”

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