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Bombardier staff asked to accept pay freeze and work more hours amid 'serious financial crisis'

By John Mulgrew

Staff at aerospace giant Bombardier are being asked to accept a pay freeze amid a "serious financial crisis" at the firm.

Bombardier's east Belfast operation is trying to cut costs by a fifth over the next two years, a document given to the Belfast Telegraph has shown.

It also outlines a two-year pay freeze for the firm's some 5,000 staff, along with the working week being extended to 37 hours a week for 2016 and 2017.

And workers are being asked to work an extra one hour every Friday for the next two years.

It's the latest indication of trouble at the plane maker, which builds wings for the struggling CSeries passenger jets.

Last week, it received a $1bn (£660m) bail-out from the Quebec regional government and is seeking a further $1bn (£660m) from the new Canadian federal government.

Bombardier has 243 orders for the jet series, short of the target of 300. The programme is now three years delayed and more than £1bn over budget.

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