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Booking a hotel at touch of a button with new web application

A luxury resort in County Fermanagh has become the first hotel in Northern Ireland to offer a mobile web booking application.

The mobile site is accessed when a customer types in Lough Erne Resort's web address on an iphone, ipad or other mobile system. Jonathan Stapleton, general manager at Lough Erne Resort, said: "Our new mobile webapp, particularly aimed at Apple's iPhone and iPad, shows our commitment to continually enhancing the service that we deliver to our guests.

"Guests who wish to make a resort booking via mobile technology will be able to do so quickly and easily."

The hotel has been working with website developer Bookassist to upgrade its website as well as its IT support system and it is hoping the webapp will become an integral part of its reservation system.

"The fact that the webapp can be accessed on-the-go 24 hours a day, seven days a week, means that it is an increasingly appealing booking option to global visitors, as it removes any barriers that may exist around differing time zones," the general manager added.