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Boomer Industries strikes deal down under

A plastics company in Lisburn has announced a new supply deal with a New Zealand firm.

Boomer Industries said its deal with FrameCad opened up new sectors and markets for the firm, which employs 40 people.

Under the deal, Boomer and FrameCad will have an exclusive partnership to supply extruded plastic products in Australasia.

FrameCad will use Boomer's products in its materials for pre-fab buildings.

Andrew Robinson, managing director of Boomer, said: "Australia, New Zealand, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Afghanistan, and the Pacific islands are just some of the exclusive territories covered by the agreement.

"This distribution range opens new markets for Boomer Industries, both in terms of geography and sector.

"FrameCad are partners with an excellent track record, prominent in the on-site and off-site construction sector.

"FrameCad's focus on the high volume market for fast assembly buildings matches a key component of the Boomer product and service portfolio," he added.

Mark Taylor, chief executive of FrameCad, said Boomer's quick assembly PVC materials would "add value" to his company's service.

And the deal was welcomed by Margaret Lee, New Zealand Honorary Consul in Northern Ireland.

"As New Zealand regains its stride after the recession, we are pleased to see these companies have been preparing emphatically for the recovery, working ahead of time to ensure that new opportunities can be maximised in the Australasian market," she said.