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Branson vows to help budding entrepreneurs create jobs

By Mike Hornby

Sir Richard Branson vowed to help budding entrepreneurs "create lots of jobs and lots of great companies" for Britain yesterday.

The Virgin magnate was launching the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Liverpool, which aims to be the "largest gathering of enterprise champions" in the world.

Sir Richard arrived in the city waving from the window of the driver's cab of a specially chartered Virgin Trains service from London.

Also on board were his daughter Holly, new son-in-law Freddie Andrews and 250 aspiring captains of industry who will take part in the congress.

Sir Richard said: "We've come on the entrepreneurship express.

"There are lots of budding entrepreneurs who will be starting the businesses of the future and it is great to be coming to the congress where we'll be sharing lots of ideas and seeing how we can create lots of jobs and lots of great companies in the future."

Around 3,500 people are due to attend the week-long congress hosted by Liverpool Vision, the city's economic development company, and the Kauffman Foundation, the world's largest entrepreneurship foundation.