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Breakfast chefs in Northern Ireland set challenge to count calories

By Staff Reporter

Hotels and coffee shops in Northern Ireland have been set a new challenge - to create a healthy breakfast of 400 calories or under.

The Northern Ireland Hotels Federation (NIHF) and the Food Standards Agency in Northern Ireland (FSA) have joined forces for the campaign.

Those wishing to take part can use an FSA online tool, MenuCal, which helps caterers calculate the calorie intake of the food they serve.

Chefs will be asked to test out their breakfast recipes using the tool to calculate the calorie count of their food

The challenge also supports Northern Ireland's Year of Food & Drink 2016.

Janice Gault, chief executive of the NIHF, said: "Northern Ireland is known for culinary delights and it has an established food production industry with numerous products exported globally on a daily basis. To mark the Year of Food & Drink 2016, and to ensure that our hospitality providers are showcasing the talent and creativity that exists within our shores, we are kicking off the new year with a celebration of breakfast."

Julie McKinstry-Harvey, senior dietary health advisor at the FSA, said: "Using this tool, businesses have the potential to increase their profitability by helping them make smarter choices about the food they serve, by changing the ingredients to give a healthier option or tailoring their portion sizes to reduce the food's calories if it contains too many."

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