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Brexit campaigners gambling with economy 'for own political ends', says Cameron

David Cameron has accused Brexit campaigners of gambling with the economy "for their own political ends".

The Prime Minister made the claim in article for The Times setting out the case for a Remain vote in which he also said the strength of Britain's economy was underpinned by access to the single market.

In a corresponding article, Vote Leave campaigner Michael Gove dismissed Treasury claims about a recession in the event of Brexit and said increasing a nation's liberty had never been accompanied by a drop in living standards.

Mr Cameron said of Brexit campaigners, some of whom are colleagues in his own Cabinet: "With every unfunded policy proposal, every rubbishing of experts' advice and every 'so what?' said at the prospect of economic collapse, they are playing a dangerous game: playing fast and loose with your financial future for their political ends."

He also evoked the spirit of former Conservative prime minister Margaret Thatcher by claiming membership of the EU made Britain "one hugely effective global player".

"It's exactly as Mrs Thatcher predicted, over 40 years ago: 'Britain has made a vital contribution to the past. She has a contribution to make to the future. It will be bigger in Europe than alone'," he said.

In contrast, Mr Gove encouraged voters to think like Russian revolutionary Vladimir Lenin when he asked: "Who controls whom?"

The Justice Secretary wrote: "He was asking comrades if it was the workers who controlled the government, or vice-versa.

"The people who run the EU are individuals most of us have never heard of, whom we never chose and can't kick out."