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Brexit could hit workers' employment rights, TUC report warns

The employment rights of workers in the UK and across Europe could be hit after Brexit, especially if Britain becomes a "bargain basement" economy, a report has warned

The TUC said those in low-skilled jobs were especially at risk from a potential erosion of rights amid a "race to the bottom".

Better labour standards can attract foreign investment for well-paid, high-productivity jobs but low-paid workers could be hit if countries cut employment protections, the TUC warned.

General secretary Frances O'Grady said: "If we don't put strong protections for working people at the heart of our deal with the EU, Britain could become a bargain basement economy and this will worry the EU too, as it could drive damaging competition that increases inequality.

"We've already seen the emergence of a low-skill, low-productivity economy that leaves many people trapped in dead-end jobs.

"Scrapping workplace protections, or gradually falling behind our European neighbours, would increase this trend.

"The next government must get a deal with Europe that protects current rights, like paid holidays, equal pay and fairness for agency workers, and it must guarantee a level playing field with the rest of Europe now and in the future, so working people in Britain don't fall behind our European neighbours."